Military Mom Memories Origins Est. 2014

When you have a military spouse who deploys for long periods of time, you have the opportunity to learn new skills and the time to find new hobbies. Although I was born a Navy brat, I am the wife of a USMA (United States Military Academy at West Point) graduate and the mother of a 2016 USMA graduate. I have weathered many seasons of deployment and have learned to maximize the time that I had on my hands!

I designed and created West Point Christmas Stockings in 2014. These stockings allow me to take discarded USMA uniforms and upcycle them into keepsakes that will be cherished each year. Each uniform is carefully disassembled, pressed, cut and pieced together to make the stockings. It takes a lot of time, but the finished product is one of my favorites.

Once I had created the stockings, I began to look at all the buttons that I had at my disposal. I am always looking for unique, vintage and antique items and decided to try my hand at creating some jewelry. I love the look of these and hope that you will as well. They are sentimental pieces that remind me of my husband and son every time I wear them.

In 2018, I branched out and now include buttons from the uniforms of Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard.  This allows all military families to find a cherished keepsake in our store.

I hope that my creations will bring you great joy and remind you to pray for all those in harm's way.


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